Kelowna Activities

The Okanagan Valley provides a variety of family activities & tours for all ages:

Carmelis Alpine Goat Cheese Artisan

170 Timberline Road, Kelowna, BC
Directions: Follow Highway 97 South. Turn left onto Pandosy which becomes Lakeshore Road. Follow Lakeshore Road and you will approach a Y turn. Stay to the right continuing on Lakeshore Road. Turn left onto Rimrock to 170 Timberline Road.
Open year-round from 11am – 5pm
Services: Visitor Center/Tours. Small charge

Chances Gaming Entertainment

Follow Country Club Drive. Turn right onto Quail Ridge Blvd. to Hwy 97. Turn Right (heading South). Turn Left at Spall. Right on Springfield. Left just past Rona. Bingo, Slots & Horse Betting.

Distinctly Kelowna and Wildflower Tails & Wine Tours

Hotel pick-up
Tours operate 7 days per week year round
Services: Winery Tours; Kelowna Highlights Tour; Hiking and Walking Tours; Shopping Tours; Orchard Tours

Hiking & Biking Trails

The natural resources of the Okanagan Valley make it an ideal vacation area for the avid outdoors person or family, regardless of what they consider a great outdoor adventure to be. If it’s boating, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or just plain strolling that you like, the Okanagan is the place to be.
There are plenty of lakefront sandy beaches, picnic and playground areas, parks and gardens, campgrounds and scenic trails. Many of the beaches are located in the city, just a brisk walk from restaurants and shopping. Most of the picnic and playground areas are on the waterfront, but what they provide in the way of facilities and entertainment varies widely. Kelowna City Park for example includes a children’s water park, Skateboard Park, tennis courts, lawn bowling and a soccer oval. Okanagan Centre Park has a museum and sports field.
There are more than 60 parks within the 600 acres of the valley and each has its own unique appeal. Some are sports oriented, while others are floral gardens. A few of them are nature or wilderness areas providing an excellent chance to enjoy some great scenery and spot different bird species and a variety of wildlife.
For those looking for a day-long or even week-long hike or mountain biking trip, the Okanagan offers some of the best trails around. Some are more secluded and rugged offering a challenging climb for the experienced hiker or mountain biker. Others are easier and more suitable for the novice outdoors person.

Easy Trails

Bear Creek Provincial Park
Open from April 1st to October 15th. In the open hillside behind the campsites are 14 miles (23 km) of trail to explore as well as a 6-mile (10-km) easygoing hiking trail. Bear Creek flows through the bottom of the tree-walled canyon, bringing with it small flakes of placer gold. Along the trails above the canyon, ponderosa pine and Douglas fir compete with juniper, bunchgrass, and prickly-pear cactus for the area’s meagre rainfall. Below, moistened by the mist rising off the waterfalls, is yet another world, one of maple and birch, wild rose, horsetail, and moss. Wildlife abounds here.

Please Note: The Bear Creek Canyon Trail is a popular, more demanding hike offering spectacular views of the creek and the surrounding area.

Wear sturdy footwear because the prickly pear cacti on the more exposed rocky slopes of the upland region of the park can puncture skin even through clothing and running shoes. This area is a feast for the senses, with its expansive views of the lake and canyon; its scent of cottonwood, pine, and fir forests; and its splashes of colourful wildflowers. The park is located on Westside Road, 9 km off Highway 97, west of Kelowna. From Highway 97, travelling south, leave the city of Kelowna, cross floating bridge on Highway 97 out of Kelowna, travel 2 km and turn west onto Westside Road at the main intersection and follow for 7 km. The entrance to the park is just past the bridge over the Lambly (Bear) Creek.

Fintry Provincial Park Fintry Provincial Park
A getaway with a historical flavour. Located on the west side of the Okanagan Lake, its site was the transportation hub of the valley; Hudson’s Bay Company fur brigade traders passed through here.
Easy walking through the park will bring you to the waterfalls and deep pools of Shorts Creek, as well as a suspension bridge and the remains of irrigation and power generation structures. Other features from the past are a ferry wharf from which freight boats operated, and a preserved Manor house, caretakers’ house, and several barns. 

Knox Mountain
An excellent choice for a family outing with fairly level hiking and biking trails and a spectacular view of the lake and city from two pavilions. A must for hikers, sightseers and picnickers visiting Kelowna. North end of Ellis Street.

Mission Creek Regional Park & Greenway
Walking, biking & horse trails. Nature walks and Kokanee spawning run in the fall. Off Springfield Road.

Advanced Trails

Kelowna Crags
Head south from downtown on Lakeshore Road and stay straight at the fork on to Chute Lake Road. Once on the gravel road, go about 7 km and watch for an old dirt road on the right. Take this road to an old sawmill site and park. About 1/2 km after you cross the creek past the old cabin, cliffs will come into view on your left. You can hike down to the bottom of the cliffs (about 300 feet high). The trail leads up to the cliff top at the north end. Depending on where you left your car, it’s about a 6.5 km walk. The view from the cliff top is beautiful at about 2,500 feet.
Gallagher’s Canyon
Follow McCulloch Road East from Kelowna and turn left on Field Road just past Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Course. It’s about 1 km to the parking lot. You can walk any distance from 3 to 15 km.

Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park
Take Lakeshore Road south from Kelowna past where the pavement ends and park in the lot on the right. Look for a chained gate on the left and take that road to the summit. The view is excellent and the elevation is 5,158 feet. Also, look for dirt roads going off to the left. These are all suitable for walking. Vegetation is thick near Lakeshore Road but thins out after several hundred feet of elevation. This is an excellent area for almost unlimited off-trail hiking. To get back, simply head downhill to Lakeshore Road, but be aware of private property.

Black Knight Mountain
Follow Highway 97 north through Kelowna and turn right at Hwy. 33. About 8 km east of Rutland, turn left on Pyman Road and keep to the right. You can either drive or walk the road (about 6.5 km) to the Forest Lookout Tower at the top (elevation 4,205 feet). You’ll get an excellent view of Kelowna and the surrounding area from the top of this mountain.

Wild Horse Canyon
Take Lakeshore Road to its end, about 16 km south and west of Kelowna. Park on the right. The trail goes off on the left. Walk about 3 km and cross a creek, then continue on an uphill road another 5 km to the canyon. You can walk through the canyon to Okanagan Lake and back (total about 22 km) or climb the gully (this is the west wall) in the main canyon and return via ridges and the rim north of the canyon. The trail gradually descends and heads back to the trail by the creek. An alternative is to leave the canyon in the middle and angle uphill southeast to the two little lakes! When you get there, drop down past the lakes to Good Creek Canyon and follow the creek for about 3 km. Head north through the old Kettle Valley Railway station and head downhill on the slopes facing the lake. You’ll regain the trail at the bottom.

Kettle Valley Railway

This is a relatively easy hike with a gorgeous view of Myra Canyon and the Valley. There are several accesses.
1) For Myra: Follow K.L.O. Road to McCulloch Road, which you follow past the pavement. About 2 km after the pavement ends, you’ll come to a clearing where power lines cross above the road and on the right is the Myra Forest Service Road. Follow this road for 8 km and look for the parking area. The trestles are about a 15 minute walk.
2) For June Springs: Follow K.L.O. Road to McCulloch Road and go right onto June Springs. This road is windy and takes some unpredictable turns. Be alert! June Springs Road turns into Little White Forest Service Road. The KVR cuts across this road and looks like another dirt road at this point. There is a small parking area on the left and that is the direction to Myra Canyon and the trestles. The first trestle is about 2 km from this point. For Chute Lake: Follow Lakeshore Road south from Kelowna and go straight onto Chute Lake Road. Turn left onto Hedeman Road and right onto Gilliard Forest Service Road. The KVR crosses but looks like another dirt road. Park in this area and walk about 5 km to your left to reach the first trestle.

Blue Grouse Mountain

Take Hwy. 97 south of Kelowna and the first right after the bridge onto Westside Road to the junction with Bear Creek Main by Trader’s Cove. Turn left on Bear Creek Main and follow it for about 3 km. Look for a sign that says “Grouse Mountain No. 1” on the right. Park near the sign and hike 6.5 km to the top. The elevation is 4,194 feet and the view is excellent.

Mt. Drought

Follow Hwy. 97 south from Kelowna and turn right on to an old road about 1.5 km past Gorman’s sawmill. Walk up the road to a power line clearance and turn left. Head south for about 1 km on the clearance and watch for a hill on the right. Hike up the hill, down the other side and up the next ridge. The maximum elevation is 2,800 feet and the view is good. Boucherie Mountain – From Kelowna go south on Hwy. 97 and turn left on Daimler Road. Go right onto East Boundary Road and park. Trails leave from the road.

Hayman Lake

Head south from Kelowna on Hwy. 97 and turn right onto Bartley Road. Follow Bartley Road and watch for an old road going off to the right about 6.5 km. Hike to the top of the ridge due east. The east view is excellent and the maximum elevation is 2,800 feet.

Bear Creek Road

Turn right off Hwy. 97 south to Westside Road and turn left onto Bear Creek Road (NOT Bear Creek Main) and continue well past the end of the pavement. After the road turns west into the valley proper of Bear Creek, watch for a cattle guard. Park here and hike up the steep hill to the left. There is no trail. An alternative is to drive further down the road about 3 km past a steep gorge area and look for an old logging road going off to the left. Park your car and hike the road to its end. Climb to the top of the hill, which will take you to the top of the plateau, north of Hayman Lake. The maximum elevation is 4,000 feet. This trail is recommended for experienced hikers.

Kelowna Community Theatre

Follow Country Club Drive. Turn right onto Quail Ridge Blvd to Highway 97. Turn right onto Highway 97 (heading south). Turn onto Water Street (two blocks North of the Floating Bridge)– 1375 Water Street (20 minutes)

Kelowna Land & Orchard

3002 Dunster Road, Kelowna, BC
Directions: Follow Highway 97 South and turn left onto Dilworth. Dilworth becomes Benvoulin. Turn left onto K.L.O. Road. Follow K.L.O. to East Kelowna Road and turn left. Follow East Kelowna Road and turn left onto Dunster Road
Open for tours during the fruit season: April to June 11:00am, June to September 11:00am & 1:00pm, September to October 11:00am & 1:00pm
Services: Orchard Tours/Gift Shop/Farm Animals/Restaurant

Lake City Casino

Follow Country Club Drive. Turn right onto Quail Ridge Blvd to Highway 97. Turn right onto Highway 97 (heading south). Turn right onto Water Street – 1300 Water Street (20 minutes)

Lakefront Sports Centre

In Front of The Grand Hotel
1310 Water Street, Kelowna, BC
Rent Power boast, Patio boats, Sea Doos,; Kayaks, Canoes, Wakeboards and Mountain Bikes.
Directions: Follow Highway 97 South to Water Street. Turn right onto Water Street and park near the Grand Hotel. The kiosk is located on the waterfront behind the Grand Hotel.

Okanagan Events

Hotel pick-up    
Tours operate 7 days per week year round
Services: Custom Tours to fit your liking: Winery & Vineyard Tours; Orchard & Gardens; Artists’ Workshops & Galleries; Lake Cruises & Cycling Tours; Morning or Afternoon Tours; Full-day Tours & Special Events; Tours for One or Any-size group

Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm

Open:May (from Mother’s Day onward) – Thursday through Monday 10:00am – 3:00pm
June & September (end of the month) – Daily 10:00am – 4:30pm
July & August – Daily 9:30am – 4:30pm
Directions: Follow Highway 97 South. Turn left onto Gordon Avenue. Turn left onto Casorso Road which turns into Bedford Road. Turn right onto Takla Road.
Services: Self-guided walking tour displaying over 60 varieties of lavender/Country store

Okanagan Wine Country Tours

Pick-up at the Coast Capri
Tours operate 7 days per week year round
Services: Winery Tours – The Sampler; Afternoon Delight; and The Daytripper; Golf & Wine Tours; Float Plane Winery Tours; Ski & Wine Tours; VIP Wine Tours; Okanagan Wine Festivals; Corporate Groups

Orchard Park Shopping Centre

Follow Country Club Drive. Turn right onto Quail Ridge Blvd to Highway 97. Turn right onto Highway 97 (heading south) – 2271 Harvey Avenue (15 minutes)

Monashee Adventure Tours

Tours operate 7 days/week year-round    
Services: Mountain Bike & Snowshoe Rentals and Tours

Scandia Golf & Games

 “Voted Best Place for Family Fun in the Okanagan”
2898 Highway 97 North, Kelowna, BC
Directions: Follow Highway 97 South. Scandia is on the right hand side.
Open year round from 9:30am – Midnight
Services: Mini Golf (Indoor & Outdoor)/Arcade/Batting Cages/Bumper Cars

Sports Rent

 “Voted Best Place for Family Fun in the Okanagan”
2898 Highway 97 North, Kelowna, BC
Directions: Follow Highway 97 South. Scandia is on the right hand side.
Open year round from 9:30am – Midnight
Services: Mini Golf (Indoor & Outdoor)/Arcade/Batting Cages/Bumper Cars


Big White Ski Resort: Follow Country Club Drive. Turn right onto Quail Ridge Blvd to Highway 97. Turn right onto Highway 97 (heading south). Turn left onto Highway 33. Follow the signs and turn left at the Big White Ski Resort turnoff. (60 minutes)

The Jammery

8038 Highway 97            
Drive Time: 5 Minutes North
Directions: Follow Highway 97 North. The Jammery is on the left side.
Open 7 days a week, year round
Services: Jam-Making Tours/Restaurant/Gift Shop/Ice Cream

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